I was born 1987 in Switzerland, Langenthal (BE). Growing up in a musician family, I started to play the violin with seven years old. After years of studying classical violin and the playing in orchestras I startet to be more interested in jazzmusic when I was 16 years old. So I decided to study jazzviolin and graduated 2011 – 2013 my bachelor in jazz at the College for Arts in Bern. After that I studied in Denmark, Sweden and Finnland in the Nomazz program (nordic master in jazz). In summer 2014 I got invited to the meeting of IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz), directed by David Liebman.

Often I play in a completely improvised context but also composing is very important for me and through the writing of pieces for my bands I try to find my own language.

Since I graduated I'm working as a freelance musician in various projects. Currently active projects are my solo project and as leader the Laura Schuler Quartet with Philipp Gropper, Hanspeter Pfammatter and Lionel Friedli. I'm active as a Co-leader in the bands Esche and Das Seltene Orchester. As a sidewomen I play with Shane Octet, in the trio Kwestia with Ronny Graupe and Alfred Vogel and with the band Kr*nk.

I'm working with musicians such as Ronny Graupe, Julian Sartorius, Klas Nevrin, Luzius Schuler, Lisa Hoppe, Rea Dubach, Philipp Gropper, Hanspeter Pfammatter, Lionel Friedli, Sebastian Strinning, Silvan Jeger and Lukas Rutzen.

I'm playing concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finnland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and France.

Often I compose and play live for dance productions ("Blue Marks, Red Spots" from Rahel Maria Neuenschwander, "Spiel der Wandlungen" with Annemarie Kaufmann and new for the collective Bufo Makmal).