Laura Schuler on violin, her brother Luzius Schuler on piano and Lisa Hoppe on double bass form together Esche, a band somewhere between jazz trio and chamber music ensemble. In fact their music is spanning across a variety of different styles and is combining effortlessly free soundscapes with roaring blues and instrumental pop songs. Having met in Bern in 2013, Esche is now touring all over Switzerland and Germany.

This trio is an ambitious project of the heart of the three members – through the past four years they have been composing, experimenting, discarding and triumphing. With patience and open senses for the music’s requirements, Esche developed a mutual sound aesthetics and vision, which they put in a nutshell on their debut album „Leiser Protest“ in 2016. The band’s credo is to capture their audience with energy and tension, but instead of being obvious and blunt, they do this in a subtil and intelligent way.

The elementary of their music is the challenge of finding the freedom in interplay, in any situation and circumstance. The aspects improvisation, communication and collective story-telling are the foundation on which this vivid, breathing and personal music is based.

Esche is playing on average 25 concerts a year, on big and small stages as well as at very special locations such as chapels, bunkers, living rooms, squatted houses and cellar vaults.