“The solo improvisation performance is without doubt the ultimate personal statement for me. It's driven by an inner urgency for sharing with the audience the collective immersion into sound.”

For a longer time Laura has been exploring the violin's diverse sound capacities while simultaneously weaving in her voice. She gets inspiration from the nature, the oldest Chinese book of oracles "I -Ging" and from her wide musical background. What emerges are sounds and songs reverberating around a complex tension that defy any simple categorization. In May 2018 I released a first solo album "Elements and Songs" with Veto Records and played concerts in Switzerland (Moods, Beeflat, Cully), Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. Laura got nominated for the international improvisation contest Aarau.

I got a grant from the city of Bern to work on new music in New York during spring 2019. This material will include electronic effects and sampling. To get new inspiration she lives in NYC for a while.

“Laura Schuler shows she has a story to tell. Her improvisations are very inspired, lively and to the point. Concentrated and vibrant and Schuler demonstrates she is a very communicative and musical artist” Vital Weekly, May 2018