In her quartet Laura Schuler unites three best known and appreciated musicians of the european jazz scene. Together they search an intense experience of playing music.
Soft whispering and powerful grooves must not contradict each other. This band moves, without fear of tender melodies nor strange sounds, between different emotional spaces. Always present is the strong attitude of musicians which are fully passionate in there work.

The language of Schuler is located in the wide field of jazz and improvised music. Often touring in Europe, she collected numerous musical experiences and takes inspiration out of a big pool.

“Laura Schuler shows she has a story to tell. Her improvisations are very inspired, lively and to the point. Concentrated and vibrant and Schuler demonstrates she is a very communicative and musical artist” Vital Weekly, May 2018

Laura Schuler - Composition, violin and electronic effects

Philipp Gropper - Tenor saxophon
Hanspeter Pfammatter - Synths
Lionel Friedli - Drums